One in Five Australians experience a mental or behavioural condition in their lifetime.  That’s nearly 4 million people!

Redbank recognises that some people may be feeling worried or depressed at the moment which is why we’ve gathered some resources that might be helpful to our community.  We have found so many services that can help without leaving home.

There are many ways to get help on a phone, computer or tablet. These include:

• crisis and counselling services

• mental health treatments that have been converted into web programs or apps

• services that link users to a practitioner who acts as a coach or guide

• “self-guided” apps for people who prefer to work on their own

Most of these programs and services are free. A great thing about these services is that most are available over extended hours. Crisis services, programs and apps can be used at any time. And they are not just for people with mental health diagnoses—they are for anyone who is facing some problems.

Whether you’re searching for mental health information for yourself or someone else, or just wanting tips on how to maintain your self-care and wellbeing, check out this COVID-19 Factsheet for a wealth of mental health resources for you or someone else in need.