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Related Newsletter : October 31, 2018
Category : Project Updates

Redbank North Richmond Project Update- October 2018

The construction of the grand entry road for Redbank is progressing really well.  Grose Vale Road is now down to its ultimate level and the construction of the roundabout will commence soon. Majority of the civil road works will be finished by the end of November followed by landscaping around the roundabout. We are hopeful that the entry road will be open to the public by Christmas.

We are also very excited that we will be delivering Yeomans Park soon. In the next couple of weeks, you will notice water fountains on the three dams, children’s play equipment and work-out stations all getting installed. The Yeomans & Bel Park open up a big part of the 85-acre dedicated parkland in Redbank North Richmond.

Our contractor HL Landscapes has now completed the new pathway network connecting Peel Park and North Richmond Town Centre as part of our commitment to the overall infrastructure upgrade of North Richmond and it is great to see it being used by locals