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Related Newsletter : July, 2018
Category : Project Updates

As part of our commitment to the overall infrastructure upgrade of North Richmond, Redbank Communities is providing an additional new pathway network connecting Peel Park and North Richmond Town Centre. This pathway connection is being constructed as part of our Voluntary Planning Agreement (VPA) with Hawkesbury City Council at no cost to the Council or the community. Works on this pathway connection have already commenced and our contractors have started pouring concrete as of this morning. We expect to have this footpath completed by October 2018.

We have now also lodged the DA for the built-form of our shopping village. Will keep you posted with updates as it progresses through Council.

The Grand Entry Road and the shopping centre site is progressing at break neck pace. You will notice from this week that earthworks are commencing at the round-about near the sales office on Grose Vale Road. These all form part of major upgrades to the entry of Redbank including re-sheeting of existing roads, new post & rail fencing, and extensive landscaping on both sides of Grose Vale Road. All these works are due to be complete by November this year which is very exciting.