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Related Newsletter : December, 2017
Category : Project Updates

BELMONT – Dec 2017

Great news for Belmont purchasers! We are still on track for practical completion by Christmas. We had a hugely successful open day in Belmont over the weekend. We are very happy that we were able to take almost 70 families to site to show them their blocks. If you made it to the Belmont Open Day on the weekend, you have seen how well it has progressed.

Our Civil contractors and open space landscape consultants have scheduled the landscaping after Christmas. This was done so that JK Williams could have their full team on site to maintain the landscaping during the heat experienced during this period. Please note that landscaping does not affect registration.

All the roads pavement construction is now complete along with sewer, stormwater, water & electrical works and NBN. Major intersection works including Grose Vale Road intersection and Belmont Grove Road extension have commenced earlier this month and is nearing completion.
As noted in previous newsletters, after Council PC is announced, the Authorities commence their process. This process involves Council, Endeavor Energy, NBN and Sydney Water to do inspection and acceptance of their services before council issues Subdivision certificate followed by your lenders approval, lodgement to LPI and actual settlement.

We have an indicative flow chart that explains this process and it can be found at:

We have now published the draft landscaping plan for Belmont on our website. Here is the link: