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Related Newsletter : February, 2018
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BELMONT – Feb 2018

J.K. Williams have now completed the additional reconstruction of road pavement on existing Belmont Grove Road that was required by council to grant PC. The requirement to have this reconstruction tied to the stage works was completely unexpected, but J.K Williams had prioritised this works and completed all works within a couple of weeks. Council conducted PC inspection on 23rd February and J.K. Williams is now working on closing this out with Council soon to obtain civil compliance certificate.

As mentioned in our last newsletter, the reconstruction work did not hold up authorities commencing their processes for us to prepare our subdivision certificate application. We are now in the process of preparing subdivision certificate for lodgement.

The landscaping works are progressing really well in Belmont. Streetscape is now complete and open space landscaping is also progressing well. The picnic shelters, retaining walls, boardwalk and the jetty are nearing completion. Trees, turf, irrigation system and gardens have also started, as per the open-space landscaping plan. The Cumberland forest vegetation management works have also commenced which involves the removal of lantana at the entry statement of Belmont.
As noted in previous newsletters, when authorities complete their process of inspections and acceptance of their services, Council will issue the Subdivision certificate. The process after that are your lenders approval, lodgement to LPI and actual settlement.

Please refer to the indicative flow chart that explains this process and estimated timelines. It can be found at:

We highly recommend not getting into a building contract till the announcement of registration. By law, our lawyers will have to contact your solicitors to notify them about settlement. We will keep you updated every step of the way through Facebook and email and you will have enough time to get prepared with your funding and locking in a builder.

Many of you have been eager to start your surveying process. We will be getting temporary access for Belmont to allow your builders and architects on site on the 23rd and 24th March so that they are able to conduct soil testing and any other things that they might require, subject to weather conditions. If it is raining the days prior to the 23rd & 24th, we will have to reschedule to the next suitable date in order to protect the new landscaping and your safety.

The inspection must be coordinated through our sales office and will strictly be by appointment only. If you do not make an apartment, you will not be granted access as it is still a construction site and involves severe risk factors. An induction will be required for dedicated access point for each block in an effort to minimise damage to the newly laid landscaping. Please call 1300 289 733 to organise your inspection time.