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Related Newsletter : January, 2018
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BELMONT – Jan 2018

As promised, J.K. Williams has completed all necessary Civil works before Christmas. Council conducted an initial inspection before Christmas and identified a few areas requiring further work to complete. All these minor work requirements are now finished as J.K. Williams attended to those straight away in January.

Recently, Council nominated that the additional reconstruction of road pavement on existing Belmont Grove Road is required to grant PC. The requirement to have this reconstruction tied to the stage works was completely unexpected, but J.K. Williams are promptly attending to this works to expedite its completion. This additional work is expected to be complete in the next couple of weeks with PC targeted upon completion, however, this reconstruction has not held up authorities commencing their processes for us to prepare our subdivision certificate application.

Water mains in Belmont are now connected to the water main in Grose Vale Road with continuous work being commenced along Grose Vale Road back towards the Sydney Water reservoir.

J.K. Williams resumed works on 3rd January to start the landscaping works. Trees and turf are going in as we speak. Landscaping works on and around the jetty and the Riparian Corridor is underway and will be followed by the Cumberland forest vegetation management works. Major intersection works including Grose Vale Road intersection have been completed. We are now promptly progressing the preparation of subdivision certificate for lodgement.

As noted in previous newsletters, when authorities complete their process of inspections and acceptance of their services, Council will issue the Subdivision certificate. The process after that are your lenders approval, lodgement to LPI and actual settlement.

Please refer to the indicative flow chart that explains this process and estimated timelines. It can be found at:

We have published the draft landscaping plan for Belmont on our website. Here is the link:

A few of you have requested access to your lots for conducting surveys. While JK Williams are on site, they have legal possession and responsibility of the site. When the landscaping is complete, and it is safe to be on site, we will get site possession back temporarily to provide access to your builders to carry out surveys prior to registration. This will be coordinated through our sales office by appointment only just like the Belmont Open Day. We will notify you via email and Facebook prior to this.