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Related Newsletter : July, 2018
Category : Project Updates

BELMONT – July 2018

It was great to see so many Belmont purchasers at the Bonfire & BBQ night. What a fantastic night and such a great turnout from our Belmont purchasers. With the new rustic entry statement signage, the feature lights for the big tree, and the final layer of asphalt on Belmont roads, the estate is looking absolutely stunning! We cannot wait for you to be enjoying and make full use of the gorgeous Bel Park in the very near future.

The disinfection process for the watermain has commenced last week and we hope to have positive results back by this week. The sewer connection has also been established which is a major milestone.

Nothing has changed in terms of registration dates since the last newsletter. We are still anticipating commissioning of the new infrastructure in August, section 73 certification provided by Sydney Water in September, and title registration of lots in September/October 2018 with settlements shortly after.

Our lawyers have already started preparing for registration, so we highly recommend that you get your finances organised by the end of August as we are in the final stages before registration. Please note, we will keep you updated every step of the way through Facebook and email and will allow sufficient time for you to lock in a builder. Your solicitor will also be kept up to date by our solicitor Thomson Geer.

We are still investigating opportunities for bonding which could bring dates forward, as we have previously achieved in Mountain View. We will let you know straight away if bonding is successful.

If you want to come and have a chat with us personally or have a look at the progress, we will be happy to sit down and have a one on one session with you. Please contact us via if you want to make an appointment.

Our civil contractor JK Williams have put in an outstanding effort in making a time lapse video of Belmont construction from start to finish. If only construction took this long in real life…Ha..Ha..Ha. Please enjoy the video: