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Related Newsletter : October 31, 2018
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BELMONT – Oct 31, 2018

Great news for Belmont purchasers!!! If you have been following our Facebook updates in the last few weeks, surely you know that lots in Belmont have started registering since last week. The lots are being registered in batches, and we are expecting that the last batch of the Belmont lots will register by the end of this week if you have not already heard from your lawyer. Purchasers are being given the option to settle in 7 or 14 days.

If you are having any issues with settlements, please get your solicitors to communicate that to our lawyers Thomson Geer, and they will work with you to get through any teething issues.

At about the same time settlements are occurring (7-14 days), all the temporary construction fencing will be removed from Belmont and the road will be open to the public. Once your block settles, you are responsible for your block and any rubbish that may be dumped on it. We highly recommend installing your own temporary fencing as soon as you can, to prevent any illegal dumping on your block. The Christmas holiday period is an active time for illegal dumping, as most people are away on holidays and there is less surveillance around.

What a journey it has been, but finally we are at the finish line! We are extremely happy for you all!!! Belmont is looking stunning and we cannot wait to see you getting stuck into building your dream home!