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Related Newsletter : December, 2020
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Christmas Décor Tips from Keyline Property Group

Did anyone else already have their Christmas tree up before December even began this year? We know a few people in the office were a little guilty of this! 2020 has been an enormous year, putting a lot of strain on lots of families so this year everyone is ready for some Christmas joy!

So where to begin when considering Christmas interior design? The truth of it is that your Christmas decoration ideas shouldn’t veer too far from the path that you’ve chosen for the rest of your home. If they were to, they would instantly feel out of sync or not at ease with the rest of your home décor. That’s the golden rule; stay true to your tastes when it comes to the style of your festive interior.

However, we don’t believe this to be true on the exterior of your home! Your outdoor light displays will bring everyone joy as well as your family, so have fun here, use bright colours and obnoxious blow-up Santa Clauses – it’s time to let your inner crazy Christmas lady/gentleman shine!
Enjoy the festive season and have a Merry Christmas!