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#In This Together

In these times of change, our community needs to stay connected and look after each other. It’s time for us to be peaceful, supportive, resilient and respectful of each other to get through this. It is looking more and more likely that all the exciting community activities we had planned for you all will have to be cancelled or postponed due to social distancing in place. Our community team is working hard to come up with some fun activities that you and your family can engage in during this isolation period. We will keep you all posted on these in through Facebook and emails.

Meanwhile, please look after yourselves and look out for each other in the community; help out if anyone needs help. Check in on your neighbours and see if they are doing OK. In the development side of things it’s business as usual for our team, and we are pushing forward with all the constructions on site, the detailed design planning for the shopping village is underway, and we are working closely with Hawkesbury City Council to get the DA out for the next stage of the development.

There will always be someone on the ground from our side to take care of the day to day businesses. Some of us are working from home to keep social interaction to a minimum, but we are always just a click away if you need anything.