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Related Newsletter : March, 2020
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Long Term Prosperity in Redbank

Amidst the spread of coronavirus, the past few months have seen increased speculations of an Australian recession, a slowdown in business activity, and billions of dollars wiped off the Australian share market. It has many asking what the impact of the coronavirus would be, on the Australian residential property market. We are living in uncertain times, but we will see our way through this pandemic together.

We wanted to let you know about some rational opportunities that sit right in front of you while everything seems to be coming to an end. With stocks falling and business slowing, the return on our money is volatile and fickle at best.

What the news hasn’t reported is the increased enquiry and purchase of land sales in master planned estates in recent weeks. In North West Sydney and South East Queensland, projects have been inundated with purchasers locking their money into land that is in well-designed master-planned estates, and have future infrastructure spend locked in. We have seen sales take off and new stages selling out in a matter of hours in well-planned projects that have plenty of upsides.  Redbank amazingly has had one of the busiest recorded weekends in 12 months and a 50% increase in enquiry over the past two weeks.

NSW has a $90 billion dollar infrastructure plan being rolled out and the Hawkesbury region have secured $375m of locked in spend on new roads, bridges and upgrades to community infrastructures. This places Redbank North Richmond in the box seat for long term capital growth. Our major points of difference are we offer larger lots, wider frontages, open parkland space and unmatched community. We have blocks of all sizes with the average being 650m2 which is almost 50% bigger than all competing master planned estates in the greater western Sydney region.
Redbank is now almost halfway through its $55 million dollar infrastructure spend within our master planned estate. We have 20km of interactive pathways that weave through multiple parks, picnic break out areas, play equipment, work out stations, sporting fields, dog parks, water features, and our very own shopping village that is starting this year situation permitting. We have an unmatched community team that runs events all year round to ensure you are living in one of the best neighbourhoods with a family-friendly environment on offer; a place all generations feel comfortable to call home.

In this short time of uncertainty – Redbank does offer you long term prosperity.
The coronavirus outbreak clearly presents some downside risk for our housing market, but ultimately, the long-term impact remains uncertain. New information and policy responses are unfolding daily, making it hard to provide a reasonable forecast of capital growth. Some added context, however, is remembering the fundamentals of the property market, the characteristics of a downturn, and what helps projects like Redbank come through stronger on the other side.
At Redbank the health and safety of our team members and anyone visiting our wonderful project has always been our greatest priority. As the global coronavirus outbreak continues to develop and change, we are evaluating our operations daily. We are stringently following all health and travel advices issued by the Australian & NSW Government
While we continue to remain open, we are maintaining rigorous hygiene practices and cleaning standards in our sales office. To ensure that our sales display and the corporate headquarters are clean and hygienic, we have put the following measures in place to reduce the spread of COVID-19:

  • We have increased our cleaning programs and have made additional sanitation products readily available for everyone visiting our premises.
  • We have distributed Health guidelines to every member of staff.
  • Additional cleaning procedures of the sales office are in place to guard against possible contamination.
  • We have introduced social distancing procedures when interacting with buyers and visitors.  When new people enter the sales display, we are requesting they confirm that they are without any symptoms before entering the doors, they have not recently returned from international travel, and they have not been in contact with anyone with the symptoms or anyone recently returning from international travel.
  • Under no circumstance we are allowing clients to go in the Redbank vehicle, and are only allowed to follow a sales agent in their own vehicle.
  • We have stressed to our staff the importance of monitoring their own health and if they are showing signs of any illness, they are to notify us immediately and self-isolate for at least 14 days.

At Redbank, we appreciate the ongoing support our homeowners, our buyers, and our team have demonstrated. We hope that over the coming months you all keep an eye out for each other, and if you already live in Redbank, get out and enjoy the beautiful parks and walking trails on offer with your family. Rest assured, Redbank is in a very strong position to weather this storm and delivering everything that has been promised to our residents. We wish you and your families well and thank you again for your ongoing support of Redbank.