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Related Newsletter : April, 2021
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Meet Tj & Lachie

The breathtaking mountain tops, stunning scenery and dynamic design are what got TJ and Lachie to purchase their Ploughman’s block in the Redbank Estate.

Lachie and TJ were chasing the relaxed, community driven and refreshing atmosphere that Redbank offered. Prior to discovering Redbank, TJ and Lachie settled for a two-story unit in the heart of Penrith, unaware that their dream lifestyle and home would be only half an hour away.

Busy working hard, trying to save up to buy their first home, Lachie and TJ hadn’t thought of the possibility of building. It wasn’t until they began assessing their options and what their ideal home would look like, that the idea to build crossed their minds. Lachie and TJ then decided to start looking at blocks of land and came across the beautiful Redbank Estate.

When Lachie and TJ first entered Redbank, they were amazed at the scenery. Not only in the estate but also surrounding it.

Nestled in the beautiful Hawkesbury at the base of the Blue Mountains, the Redbank Estate was everything the couple had hoped for and more. With exquisite landscape design, beautiful open parklands, breathtaking dams, surrounded by calming walkways, the couple were instantly in awe of the lifestyle that living in Redbank would provide. Venturing through the estate, they were delighted to discover the wonderful price to land size ratio and found themselves at the bottom of Pansy Crescent in the Ploughmans Precinct, standing on their dream block of land.

After weighing up their options and being inundated with advice from their family and friends, the couple knew that Redbank was going to be their forever home. Falling in love with the design of the single-story Sierra 22 house, by Thrive Homes, their journey to being home and landowners began.

Now with construction well underway, TJ and Lachie, both the eldest in their families, feel a great sense of pride and achievement in the purchase of their land and home in Redbank. They are ecstatic that they not only get to build their dream home in Redbank but also their dream lifestyle.

Lachie and TJ are so excited to be a part of the Redbank community and cannot wait to meet all their wonderful neighbours as soon as they move into their forever home.