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Related Newsletter : December, 2017
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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

As the year ends we took the opportunity to reflect on 2017, the year of change, setbacks and achievements while we brace ourselves for the biggest year ahead in the Redbank story.

We were blessed in 2017 to be involved with the wonderful Variety Children’s Charity and GJ Gardner Homes to raise a record $375,909 for charity. 100 per cent of the proceeds were donated to Variety Children’s Charity to assist in building better lives for sick kids and their families. Since 2012, the charity has granted more than $200,000 to the local North Richmond community and surrounding areas supporting children and families facing challenges like financial hardship or living with disability. This joint initiative will now provide much needed additional grants to cover areas such as vehicle modifications, Variety Heart Scholarships, therapy services, medical supplies and mobility equipment.

The Shopping Village precinct design works commenced in mid-2017 with the selection of Clarke-Hopkins-Clarke architects from Melbourne to help bring the heart of Redbank to life. Consultation workshops were held with council, community groups, purchasers and the Redbank team to develop the first shopping village concept. This town centre concept was presented to council on December 14th and we now look to lodge a DA early in 2018. Subject to approvals we are aiming at having the first stage of our Shopping Village open and trading by Christmas next year.

A wayfinding team also developed a comprehensive signage strategy for the Redbank Parklands and Belmont will be the first park to have unique Redbank signage installed giving it an exclusive look only found in Redbank.

The Redbank team also built a new display home next to Peel Park and the whole team has now relocated from Penrith. The Cunningham custom home will be a focal point for our community event calendar in 2018 and we look forward to welcoming you in the new year.

On the ground, we now have well over 500 lots sold within the project and our team settled 96 lots over the past 12 months. Resales within Redbank remain robust with an average return of more than 26 per cent to date. Analysis of Keyline Property Group’s re-sales in Redbank reveal most vendors have cashed out with gains of between 6 to 43 per cent, with most in double digit territory. We have realized over $4,800,000 in capital gains for resale clients alone which is a fantastic result. One Redbank seller pocketed an amazing $257,000 profit or 35 per cent in less than two and half years after purchasing his land.

This year our team commenced civil works for approximately 328 lots across 3 stages – Belmont, Yeomans and RSL Lifecare stages 4 & 6. During civil construction to date, our civil contractor JK Williams have laid 1.2km of sewer infrastructure, installed 3.0km drainage pipe, decommissioned 4 dams, and reshaped 2 dams to become water features, stripped 300,000m2 land area for earthworks and 220,000m2 of earthworks was undertaken. They have installed 2.9km of stormwater drains, 2.4km of water infrastructure, 2.0km of roads, 3.6km of electrical and of NBN cabling.

Yobarnie Rise is now over 80% built out with the stage really taking on a personality and feel of its own. It’s been really heartening seeing owners take such pride in their homes and its something the Redbank team is proud of. Many owners in Yobarnie are now very active within the local community and their help has been invaluable over the past 12 months.

Mountain View has seen its firsts residents move in and have many other homes nearing completion. Sydney Water complex works proposals were designed, reviewed and tendered during the year and finally looking at commencing construction in January 2018.

Belmont will see the delivery of the 73 prestigious lots during the year with Practical Completion expected this week. From there full landscape works will be completed by end of February 2018 whilst council certification processes are underway. The Belmont Parklands will be the first major park to be completed in Redbank and will be a real showcase of what’s to come across the project.

Macdonald Jones Homes has gone from a standing start this year to having commenced and nearly completed the delivery of 64 homes with most to be finished early 2018. We are excited to see the landscaping start and watch this master planned precinct take shape.

The major civil works for Yeomans also commenced in September/October 2017 and this is the largest civil contract Redbank has ever undertaken.

Redbank lodged 2 development applications with council for 19 prime park front lots and 57 Redbank Creek/Belmont lots. All of these lots are quite unique and will never be repeated. They are due for release in 2018.

In 2017 we welcomed the new Community Relations Coordinator for Redbank, Mitul Haque. Mitul has added a great strength to the Redbank family of buyers and has arranged fun days and events to bring people together. Behind the scenes Mitul is in constant touch with the Redbank family and helping them wherever possible.

The Redbank team are currently working on a review of the master plan and identifying the next exciting stages to be developed.

From our whole Redbank team, we want to thank you for being a part of our journey. We are looking forward to another exciting year ahead and we hope you all are too.