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Related Newsletter : January, 2018
Category : Project Updates


Great news for Mountain View stage 3! With the final approval for the potable water in Mountain View Stage 3 having been received, work outside the Sydney Water compound has started on 8th January. Sydney Water preferred contractor Diona has fully established the site compound for the construction work and many of you might have seen a lot of activity along Grose Vale Road which is fantastic to see! The traffic management plan is fully operational with roadworks signage, a big messaging sign near the Sydney Water compound and several traffic controllers on duty each day.

The installation of the water main is progressing well with Diona commencing works in different sections along Grose Vale Road. As you drive up on Grose Vale Road, big pipes will be seen on the side of the road which are being installed underground to establish water connection to both Belmont and Mountain View Stage 3 lots. The surge tank has also arrived from France and is in preparation for installation. Redbank has submitted all necessary paper work with Sydney Water and we are still estimating registration for Mountain View by the end of the first quarter of 2018 subject to Sydney Water sign off.

For those of you who want to get started with your house plans, we are allowing your builder to come and survey your block of land so that you can start working on your design. If you are planning on doing this, please coordinate access with the Redbank sales office on 1300 289 733. If you have all your plans in place, once the lands register, you should be able to start building quickly rather than waiting to get surveys done. Once your designs are ready, please send your designs to for approval.

Few more houses in Mountain View have finished is the last few weeks. If you have recently moved in, please drop us a line on Facebook or email us. We would love to go and say hello to welcome you to the Redbank Family.

We have been made aware of a few NBN connection issues in some finished homes. We have communicated that to NBN and they have assured us that they will be attending the site regularly over the next few months to ensure seamless connection for our residents.