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Related Newsletter : July, 2018
Category : Project Updates


It is great to see builders commencing house construction in stage 3 in Mountain View. With the embellishment to Grose Vale Road and the nearing completion of The Gallery, Mountain View will really come into its own between now and Christmas.

We are expecting to see more house plans coming through to Design Review Panel for approval. Once your designs are ready, please send your designs to for approval.

Those of you who have finished your houses in Mountain view, please remember that, there is up to $5000 for grabs in the Redbank Garden Competition as a reward for your hard work. The theme for this garden comp is “Community”. The best garden wins $5000, but there is $2500 to win for the most productive garden and another $2500 for best interpretation of the theme.
Your garden will be judged in October, so you have time to pull it all together.

For your chance to win, please send your entry to containing the following information:

Your Name:
Your Lot. Number:
Your Street Address:
Category applying for:
Summary of why your garden deserves to win: