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Related Newsletter : March, 2019
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Project Update – March 2019


Mountain View is changing every week it seems with new home construction on every corner. While there is still a large amount of construction underway, the whole precinct is starting to take shape, which is great to see.

For those who have not yet lodged plans please send your designs to for approval.


Great News for Yeomans release 3 buyers! We have received the Section 73 for release 3 lots and we are now expecting registration for release 3 in late April to mid-May. We encourage you to start preparing your finances now. When the time comes, our lawyers will be in contact with yours regarding this matter and we will continue to update you on Facebook and email with progress. Please make sure that if you require a valuer to visit the site our sales team can assist them with market research papers and a personal tour of your lot if required (we highly encourage this for your own benefit).

We now have uploaded “Works as Executed” plans for Yeomans release 3 on our website.
Once release 3 settles, we will be able to have a better understanding on release 4. We will keep everyone up-to-date every step of the way through the newsletter & Facebook, and our lawyers will also keep your lawyers up to date through emails.

Please refer to the “Delivery Stage Plan” on our website to see the different releases in Yeomans.

Congratulations once again to the many release 2 buyers who have settled their land. We cannot wait to see you start building your dream homes soon.

Once your block settles, you are responsible for your block and any rubbish that may be dumped on it. We highly recommend installing your own temporary fencing as soon as you can, to prevent any illegal dumping on your block.


Many new homes are now underway in Belmont which is fantastic to see. We are also now seeing a steady flow of homes being approved by our Design Review Panel, and a number a pending DA approvals at the Hawkesbury Council. Some of the house plans are absolutely stunning and unique!

We are also very happy to see more temporary construction fencing going up in Belmont each week. As you are now responsible for your block and any rubbish that may be dumped on it, we encourage you to continue this trend as new development sites are targets for illegal dumping.

We are expecting to see more house plans coming through to Design Review Panel for approval. Once your designs are ready, please send your designs to for approval.

We cannot wait for you to start building your dream home in Redbank.