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Our Top 5 Landscaping and Gardening Tips for Winter

With cooler temperatures creeping up on us, we wanted to provide our top 5 landscaping and gardening tips for winter. These handy tips and tricks will help your garden survive the chill and come out blooming in spring.

  • Improve your soil with composts and organic fertilisers. This will promote healthy soil which is the foundation of a thriving garden!
  • Mulch your gardens in preparation for the cold of winter and the heat of summer. It insulates your soil and plants, whilst protecting them.
  • Plant your deciduous (leaf shedding) shrubs and trees when they are dormant in winter. You can purchase them bare rooted. This allows you to spread the roots out when planting.
  • Winter is a great time to undertake formative pruning of trees and shrubs. Training your trees to a good shape and frame is crucial to good plant health.
  • Raise the mowing height in your lawn through winter. This will keep your turf thick when it slows down in growth. It’s also a great way to crowd weeds out from growing in turf.

We hope this helps see your garden through the winter season and have it looking fabulous come spring. These top gardening tips came from our Head Landscaper, Craig Smith.

Craig first got into the landscaping game when he applied for an apprenticeship in 1984.

Famous Horticulturist, Ben Swane, said to Craig, “If you want to be a good landscaper, you need to know your plants.”

After this, Craig signed up for his apprenticeship at Swane’s nurseries and learnt his trade from the best. Since then he has built his knowledge, skills and career in the Landscaping industry.

He says the two most rewarding aspect of horticulture are:

  • Seeing people enjoy the green spaces that we build and then go onto manage at Redbank
  • To train and raise up our junior team to become skilled horticulturists

If you’ve got a burning horticulture question or if there’s something you’d like to know more about from Team Redbank then send us an email. You can reach us on

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