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The success of a community relies a lot on early & primary education, and one of the biggest contributors to this future success are our primary schools. Redbank North Richmond has been proudly supporting our local primary school Richmond North Public School for a long time, and we never hesitate to lend a hand when…

As per the announcement from the Premier of NSW, along with other restrictions eased, the use of park and playground equipment is now permitted. Our Yeomans Children's Playground is open from today for the community but we urge everyone to maintain caution while using the park and play equipment. ? Please maintain social distancing and…

Here at Redbank, we believe the people are what makes a community. In these tough times, essential workers like our School Teachers are serving the front lines to keep us safe and healthy. We understand that it has been extremely challenging for our teachers and schools staff to adapt to this new normal.They are the…

#In This Together

In these times of change, our community needs to stay connected and look after each other. It's time for us to be peaceful, supportive, resilient and respectful of each other to get through this. It is looking more and more likely that all the exciting community activities we had planned for you all will have…

With cooler temperatures creeping up on us, we wanted to provide our top 5 landscaping and gardening tips for winter. These handy tips and tricks will help your garden survive the chill and come out blooming in spring. Improve your soil with composts and organic fertilisers. This will promote healthy soil which is the foundation…

Here is the 3rd episode of “Meet Your Local”, where we meet some of our hard-working locals from the Hawkesbury LGA. The local we have today is a very special person who is working hard to build the future of the Hawkesbury. Let's hear from Mr. Brad Thurling, the principal of Richmond North Public School.


There is nothing better than having some freshly baked cookies for an afternoon tea. Download your favourite recipe and get your Zumbo on.


Finish that fantastic book you never finished. You would be surprised how therapeutic it can be.

Organise the house

Tidy up your dream home. Organise the laundry, install some shelving in the garage, or perhaps turn your pantry Pinterest worthy. #pantrygoals.

Redbank Communities is proudly producing a video series called "Meet the Neighbours". Through this video series, we want to share stories of some of the awesome neighbours in Redbank who make this community so special. Check out the third episode where we talk to the McFarlane family.