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Related Newsletter : December, 2020
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Redbank Camping Trip 2020

Arriving as neighbours and leaving as friends, the Redbank biannual camping trip was a great success, with residents coming together to enjoy the sun, surf and sand up at the Umina Ocean Beach Holiday Resort. In such a prime location with the Redbank camping site overlooking Umina Beach, the calming sound of the waves crashing on the shoreline and the refreshing sea breeze wafting through the air made for an ideal weekend away.

On the 6th, 7th and 8th November, twelve Redbank families eagerly ventured up to the Central Coast for this fun weekend organised by the Redbank team.
With the Redbank tent and BBQ, sitting at the heart of the campsite, residents began arriving early on the Friday morning with their caravans and camper trailers in tow. By lunchtime, the weekend’s festivities were underway with bracelet making, surf lessons, movies, skateparks, swimming pools and the gorgeous Umina Beach. Numerous residents ranging from young families to retired couples all who were attending the trip had plenty of activities to enjoy and partake in.

In the evenings residents would congregate at the Redbank BBQ and tent where they could enjoy food and beverages, and the laughter and chatter between neighbours and friends could be heard echoing through the campsite.

It was such a great weekend away, with not only countless fun activities to enjoy but many great connections between residents being formed and by the end of the trip they were all referring to each other as the Redbank camping crew.

At the conclusion of the weekend away, all residents could agree that some life long memories and new friends were made. All were heading back home to the beautiful Redbank estate after such a rejuvenating and excellent weekend away and everyone who attended said that they cannot wait for the next Redbank camping trip.

If you are a Redbank resident and want to enjoy a fantastic weekend away, partake in numerous great activities and make closer connections with your neighbours, come along next year to the Redbank biannual camping trip and join the Redbank Camping Crew.