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Redbank Fitness Club

We all know how important it is to stay fit and live a healthy life. Many of us even take a step to commit to a gym membership, a personal trainer and even a boot camp. But then life gets in the way. Even travelling to the gym slowly starts to feel inconvenient.

To make life a little bit easier for those who are keen to stay fit but finding it difficult to motivate themselves, Redbank recently formed The Redbank Fitness Club. The aim of this club is to give you a reason to start thinking about fitness again; to provide you with a platform where you can come and enjoy a good workout session with your family, neighbours and soon to be neighbours.

We are fortunate enough to find one of our own who has extensive experience in fitness training to lead the club. Julie Holt is soon to be Yeomans resident and has almost 30 years of experience in fitness training, Yoga & Pilates. She currently lives in North Richmond, and is excited to be able to help fellow Redbank family members achieve their health goal.

Julie conducted an initial discussion session on 7th February to identify needs and timing of the sessions. The meeting was a great success with almost 15 residents attending and discussing their needs. The first fitness session of the club commenced on Tuesday, 13th February at Peel Park with almost 15 participants enjoying multiple array of fitness activities. The second class took place on 20th February with almost 20 participants. The following session commenced on 27th February where members enjoyed a battle rope tug-of-war. Julie will be running weekly sessions every Tuesday at 7pm in Peel Park.

If you want to join the Fitness Club and stay up to date with what it happening, please send a member request to the Facebook group:

This initiative is fully subsidised for Redbank residents/purchasers. If you want to discuss anything regarding the fitness club, or want to give your suggestions please post in the Facebook group, or email us at