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Redbank Garden Competition 2021

This year’s annual Redbank Garden competition saw many beautiful and unique gardens, showcased by the keen green thumbs of the Redbank North Richmond community.

These community members having put months of their time, and so much love and care into their gardens and lawns, made it a very challenging task for this year’s judges to determine the winners.

The Annual Redbank Garden competition was held in late October and the gardens across the Redbank estate were looking absolutely breath-taking!

The judging panel this year was led by Craig Smith, Redbank’s Landscape Maintenance Manager, whose extensive knowledge in garden maintenance and landscape design meant that he had the perfect eye to distinguish the most impressive garden in this year’s competition.

All the judges were so amazed by the efforts of this year’s entries, and the residents had really outdone themselves. Although challenging for the judges to determine the winners, they did come to a conclusion and were ready to announce this year’s winners.

To announce the winners, and in celebration of all those Redbank Residents who entered, a community BBQ was held at the Redbank corporate office. With the smell of freshly cooked sausages wafting around, combined with the laughter and chatter of contestants, it was clear to see the wonderful community atmosphere that is flourishing at Redbank. This competition brings together so many like-minded residents who are passionate about their gardens and lawns. As the chatter began to fade it was time for a presentation by Craig on the importance of having a street tree on a residential property. Craig shared a lot of valuable information including what to do and what not to do to a street tree which was appreciated by the attendees. It was then time to announce this year’s winners of the Redbank Annual Garden Competition.

This year the competition was split into different precincts, each winning a $2000 cash prize and a custom-made rusted finish fire pit by IronBark Metal Designs.

Taking first place in the Yeomans Precinct was Anthony Scott with his breath-taking garden, which was inspired by the traditional Australian Flora. Anthony incorporated a wide variety of native Australian plants of various colours and textures into his garden to not only look beautiful, but to also attract a wide variety of native birds, lizards, and insects. Anthony presented an absolutely breath-taking garden, and the judges loved his inclusion of Native Australian Flora.

Winning first place in the Ploughman’s Precinct were Hannah Raabe and Ryan McGill, for their modern and immaculate garden, which beautifully complemented the style of their home and the Redbank Estate. Hannah and Josh incorporated a mix of native and non-native plants within their garden, which created a beautiful balance between the texture and colour. The judges absolutely loved how well planned and structured their garden was which perfectly complemented their block.

In the Mountain View precinct, the winners were the usual suspects, Kylie and Stephan Sek for their beautiful garden design that compliments their sloping block. This couple won awards multiple times in the past years. Kylie and Stephan really considered the long-term fusion of their garden incorporating native species to attract birdlife to their garden. The judges were highly impressed with Kylie and Stephan’s use of colour in the garden, presenting a gorgeous bright and colourful picture, with their choice of plants. This colour was perfectly balanced as well by their mix of different textured plants.

Taking first place in the Gallery precinct were Lidia and Chris Nikic for their wonderful use of hedging to create stunning kerbside appeal, whilst also providing them with some privacy. The judges loved how Lidia and Chris used three different rows of hedging of various heights and colours along with their carefully arranged low maintenance succulents. It looked immaculate and well-groomed, creating a beautiful visual effect. They also included landscape materials such as white pebbles and red wood chips in their garden beds to create a perfect balance.

In the Yobarnie Rise precinct, Ross and Wendy Baker took home first place, for their well-groomed immaculate garden. Ross and Wendy had incorporated a lot of hedging into their garden, which they kept immaculately groomed. It was clear to the judges how much time and effort the couple put into preserving the beauty of this hedge. Combined with cottage garden plants and flowering red gums the judges were very impressed with the visual appeal of this garden. Ross and Wendy were the winners of the first Redbank Garden Competition, and they also received other prizes in past years for their outstanding effort.

This year’s winners in the Belmont precinct, as well as the overall winners of the best garden in the Redbank Estate were Paul and Belinda Greenaway. Combining both the use of hard and soft landscaping into their beautiful garden. The judges loved their use of boulders and dimension stone in their garden to create this breath-taking garden that complimented the surrounding parklands and their home. They not only took into consideration what they see from their porch or balcony, but also put a lot of thought behind what others see on their walks, as their block is wrapped with the picturesque walking trail that goes past Dam 14. As Paul and Belinda’s Garden was rewarded as the best garden in Redbank, the couple received an additional $2,000.

As the winners of this year’s garden competition received their congratulations and slowly moved back into the crowd, there was still one more prize to be announced and that was this year’s winner of “The Best Lawn in Redbank”.

The winner for “The Best Lawn in Redbank” category was Jacob Muscat for his healthy, weed-free, and immaculately groomed lawn. It was clear to the judges that Jacob had put in a lot of love, time, and effort into his lawn. With his incorporation of a rainwater tank into his property, he could always ensure that his lawn was getting the best possible care that it needed. Jacob received $1,000 and a custom made fire pit as an added bonus.

After the final winner was announced it was time to celebrate! As congratulations were getting thrown around at all this year’s winners and with the joyous atmosphere, it was clear that this year’s Annual Garden Competition at Redbank was another huge success.

Next Year’s Annual Redbank Spring Garden competition is set to be even bigger and better. The judges cannot wait to see what amazing gardens residents display next year!