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Related Newsletter : April, 2021
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Redbank in 2021

Much has been said and written about 2020, but who could have thought 2021 would be just as full of surprises? The East coast of Australia and the Hawkesbury region were hit by a once in fifty-year rain event which saw extensive flooding and damage in our beautiful corner of Sydney. It was heart-warming to see our wonderful residents not only support each other, but also support the wider community. We are happy to report that Redbank itself, despite this much rain, did not have any flooding and came through unscathed much to the relief of our engineers and homeowners. This was owing to Redbank’s elevated position and the fact that we are well above the 1 in 100 year flood level.

Our sales team have had several notable highlights in the first quarter of this year which has given our team, contractors, and our homeowners reason to celebrate. As Redbank is growing each week, we are now creating a reputation as one of Sydney’s premium new addresses as more and more people come to see what the fuss is about.
So far this year our team has sold over $55 million in land, had over 1,300 new enquiries and over 350 new site visits. Blocks of land have gone up in value on average $130k per lot since December and homes selling between $1.1m to $1.3 million have become the norm.

We are anticipating this cracking pace to continue with the recent commencement of the Redbank Village Centre and three new stages which have almost sold out. There are many things to look forward to this year at Redbank and we cannot wait to spend an action-packed year with all our residents, new and old in a semi-post COVID-19 world.