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Summer at Redbank- Redbank Summer Aqua Party 2019

Who says that summer is almost over? At Redbank, we’re not ready to say good bye to summer yet, so we squeezed every last drop of it at the Redbank Summer Aqua Party.

On Saturday 16th February, over 100 residents from Redbank North Richmond joined the Redbank Summer Aqua Party at the Cables Wake Park in Penrith.

It was a beautiful day to be outside and the water temperature was perfect! We had an exclusive 2 hour evening session for our community and my oh my, what great fun we all had!

Members of our community started arriving at the park around After signing in and collecting wrist bands, we headed to the water. Everyone enjoyed the inflatable slides, runways, jumping pillows and different structures. The giant slide was really popular among the teenagers and the adults.

At around 6 dinner was served. Our friends from Dino’s Pizza were on site with their pizza van baking fresh pizzas for everyone. An array of entree and main pizzas kept everyone occupied, but surely the showstopper was the nutella & strawberry pizzas that came out at the very end which were mouth watering.

Here at Redbank Communities, we are creating a place to retreat to the simpler things in life, where people know their neighbours, make new memories and feel like they belong. Beyond the hectic pace of life, we are constantly trying to create opportunities for our community to be at ease with family, friends and neighbours.  This Summer Aqua Party was another great opportunity to connect with one another, and to celebrate life’s simplest pleasures; moreover, to celebrate our lives at Redbank.