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Related Newsletter : January, 2018
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THE GALLERY – Jan 2018

McDonald Jones Homes is now looking to deliver the first ten homes for occupancy by the end of February. All these 10 homes have had their inspections done by their owners and currently going through the defect checking process in electrical, plumbing and other areas.

Landscaping in 5 homes is progressing well and another 4 will commence next month. Five driveways have been laid and another four are expected to commence soon.  Only four frameworks are left to be completed now.

Forty-two roofs have now been sheeted and a few more have been scheduled for next month. Brickwork has completed in additional seven homes making it to a total of forty-seven. Altogether 32 houses had Gyp-rock work complete; 4 more to be finished in the next couple of days, and eight more to be done in February. Rough-Ins including internal plumbing, electrical and air-conditioning in only 10 homes are left to be done. Joinery work is finished in 30 homes.

Since the beginning of the year McDonald Jones site managers have started contacting owners on a one-on-one basis to give them updates on their build. But if you have any questions regarding your new home, please contact Elif Kaplan via email at or on 02 8808 7467.