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Related Newsletter : July, 2018
Category : Project Updates

THE GALLERY – July 2018

Congratulations to the 31 families who have moved in to their brand-new homes in The Gallery. Other than the two remaining houses, all PC inspections has been completed for stage 1 homes. In stage 2, four families have already moved in and another 8 homes had their PC inspection. MJH Multi has scheduled 4 more PC inspections this week and there will be another 2 handovers this week as well.

All the retaining walls at the back of lot 139- 152 will be complete this week and landscaping will follow. Almost 50% landscaping is now finished for stage 2. Our sub-contractor HL Landscapes have already started preliminary works on footpath along Altitude Street, and they are looking into pouring concrete on Friday. As soon as the footpath is finished, they will start Landscaping along the footpath.

Stage 1 buyers, please note that the 90-day defect period is coming to an end soon. If you have submitted your defects already but MJH has not contacted you back, please follow up with MJH Multi customer service department on

If you have any questions regarding your new home, please contact Elif Kaplan via email at or on 02 8808 7467.