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Related Newsletter : Redbank Halloween Costume Party 2018
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Redbank Halloween Costume Party 2018

It was a sunny but dry day of Spooktober. Walking by the cul-de-sac of horrors, we could hear the thud, and then the hair raising screams of men, women, and children. Just like it started, the screams died out just as swiftly. The investigators in all of us were up and curious, so we made our way through the mysterious and spooky Tench Close in Redbank North Richmond.

There they were- the clowns, the zombie prom queens, the spooky scarecrow, the joker, little skeletons by the dozen, and the house of horrors. Before we knew it, we were being hurried towards the face-painting section to get our faces painted. We had to fit in to survive this celebration of horrors; the celebration of Halloween!

This was the second time Redbank Communities celebrated Halloween. There were almost 80 adults and more than 40 children from all different precincts who came down to Yobarnie Rise for this celebration of horrors. Hosted by the Ryan family from Tench Close, this event surely gave an opportunity to get together and have a great time with your neighbours. The haunted house created by Geoff Ryan and Ross Baker was definitely the star of the show. They spend 2 days building the haunted house in Geoff’s garage and decorated it with a lot of scary elements including the screaming clowns, hanging spiders, giant bats, scary talking skeletons, a haunted mirror, and created the spooky ambience with horror projection, mood lighting and sound effects. There were sausage sizzles, plenty of drinks, and absolutely no shortage of lollies.

We rounded the evening off with a fashion parade for all the kids and adults, followed by a prize giving ceremony for best costumes. Prizes were given for best dressed girl, best dressed boy and the scariest costume. Scary prom queen McKenzie won the best dressed girl and Grim Reaper Matthew won the best dressed boy award. The scariest costume award went to Jamie who dressed up as Penny Wise. They all won a $30 gift voucher along with a big box of chocolates. No one missed out with everyone getting lolly bags for participating.

In the adults parade, Katie McFarlane from Yobarnie Rise stole the show with her stitched mouth make up & zombie like walk, dressed as “your worst nightmare”. She won the best dressed female award. The Gallery resident Bryce Thomas dressed up as “the joker” definitely had the best costume, and make up to snatch the best dressed male award for the day.

It was an absolutely  fantastic day, and it was great to see members of the Redbank family getting involved in community activities with their neighbours. This is just the beginning of community building, and many more of these events to come in the future. This time next year we might have over a hundred new families calling Redbank home.

Big thanks to Katrina, Geoff & Lucas, Wendy & Ross, Annie & Leon, Karlene, Nathan & Chloe, Joanna & John, Kylie & Ben, Kirstin & Shaun, Suzanne, DJ Dave, Jenny, Tyas, and all of those who helped putting this event together.