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Related Newsletter : March, 2018
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The hard hat crew

JK Williams is a family owned civil construction company steeped in local history and committed to our Western Sydney Community. Located in Penrith, just a short 20-minute drive from the Redbank development, JK Williams has over 60 years of carrying out local civil works in various disciplines including residential developments, industrial development, environmental rehabilitation, infrastructure works, bulk earthworks and project management.

If you have spent just a little bit of time at our Redbank development, no doubt you would have seen their very distinctive navy-blue background and gold signage proudly displayed on their extensive fleet of construction equipment which is one of the most modern and best equipped in the industry, inclusive of the latest technology to ensure a fast, efficient, safe and quality outcome in the delivery our projects.

Redbank Communities is very proud of its long-standing association with JK Williams. In 2010-2011 JK Williams delivered Stages 3 & 4 of the Kingsford Smith Village (KSV)  and has since continued to deliver many more stages of this exclusive development, projects including Yobarnie Rise, Mountain View, The Gallery, and more recently the Belmont  and the Yeomans precinct of Redbank North Richmond.

For those who enjoy some facts and figures JK Williams has compiled some statistics that illustrate the sheer volume of works carried out to date;

Activity Quantity
Topsoil Stripped 110,719 cum
Stormwater drainage installed 6,567 lm
Road Pavement Constructed 52,170 sqm
Bulk Earthworks 800,500 cum
Sandstone placed 52,023 Tonnes
Road Base Placed 43,575 Tonnes
Kerb Constructed 11,594 lm
Turf Laid 26,653  lm


To put that in perspective, it’s 3,909,978 wheel barrow loads of topsoil stripped, 12,115 rolls of turf and kerb long enough to go to Sydney and Brisbane 12.5 times with more stages to come.

It is also important that we acknowledge the many and varied local job opportunities that the JK Williams has created. JK Williams alone employ Engineers, Construction Workers, Site Supervisors and Environmental & Community Liaison Officers, many of whom reside in our local community.

Once again, Redbank Communities is very proud of the contribution made by JK Williams to our wonderful space in North Richmond and looks forward to tackling future stages together and seeing the Redbank Development through to completion.