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Related Newsletter : October 31, 2018
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YEOMANS – Oct 31, 2018

We have achieved another big milestone for Yeomans this month!!! For those of you who missed the announcement, Yeomans Release 1 lots have been submitted to LRS last Friday. The usual turnaround time for LRS is 2-4 weeks, but most recently have seen amazing turnaround results for Belmont. Lots will be registered in batches, and as soon as we hear news of the first batch of registration, we will let you all know through Facebook. When your block registers, our lawyers will contact your solicitors with an official notification to start the settlement process.

Now that Yeomans Release 1 is with LRS, we have more information and clarity on the next release. Though we have been focused on getting release 1 registered, we have also achieved some major milestones for release 2 including practical completion from Council, Sydney Water pressure test, disinfection and commissioning of the water connection, sign off on electrical & street lighting energisation by Endeavour Energy, and finally, NBN sign off for new fibre optic cable.

Given the above achievements, we can say that more than 95% of the process is now complete for Yeomans release 2 already. The great news is, the first Yeomans subdivision package that was submitted to Hawkesbury City Council last month covered components of both releases 1 & 2. With release 1 now complete, release 2 approval from Council only awaits the next section 73 from Sydney Water which we are expecting to receive in November. After that, Council will sign off on the subdivision package and then it will be submitted to LRS for lot registration.

Once release 2 registers, we will be able to give you a better understanding on releases 3 & 4. We will keep everyone up-to-date every step of the way through the newsletter & Facebook, and our lawyers will also keep your lawyers up to date through emails.

Release 2 buyers, please note that you are welcome to organise valuers to come to site through our sales office only. Please call 1300 289 733 to make an appointment, and our team will be happy to take them to your lots.