We’re Creating a Very Special Community

Our Loyalty Program

Thinking about buying another lot at Redbank?

If you’re an existing resident looking for a lifestyle change or an upgrade, we’ll reward you with an extra $10,000 landscaping bonus when you buy an additional developer lot. Create the outdoor area of your dreams and continue your legacy in our ever-expanding community at Redbank North Richmond.

This bonus is in addition to Redbank’s established landscaping rebate, applicable to homes finished within 18 months from the original settlement date.

Our large residential blocks encapsulate the Hawkesbury’s natural beauty and are complemented through our partner-builders’ commitment to bespoke designs and build quality. You can see their handy work here and read up on our Landscaping Team’s top tips here.

Key points:

  • Additional $10,000 landscape bonus alongside existing rebates for purchasers
  • Timeframe for completion: 18 months from the original settlement date
  • This offer is only applicable to developer lots, not resale blocks
  • You are still eligible for this scheme if you initially purchased a resale lot and are upgrading to a new developer lot
  • This scheme is not available for back-dated sales or settlements, only applicable for sales that are exchanged after 9th September 2020
  • Unlike our established landscaping rebate, the Loyalty bonus is not transferable if the lot is resold
  • Please contact our sales team on 1300 289 733 for further details

Collecting Your Reward

If you’re a Redbank resident upgrading or purchasing another block of land at the development, make sure you let the sales team know at the time of purchase.

When your build is complete within the 18 months’ timeframe, you can use the rebate application form to claim your reward. The $10,000 landscape bonus can be used in any way you like to transform your outdoor space, so think big!

Thinking of upgrading or purchasing another block of land? Call 1300 289 733 for further details.

Together, we are creating a place where people know their neighbours, make new memories and feel like they belong. Visit our Community Section to learn more about living at Redbank.