Life at Redbank North Richmond

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Redbank is a thriving and connected community that celebrates our rich heritage, our growing neighbourhood and our shared future. Whether you are one or 101, you are a valued member of the Redbank family. Together we are creating a place where people know their neighbours, make new memories and feel like they belong.

Redbank North Richmond Challenge
Meet the Neighbours

Meet the Neighbours is a video series where we introduce you to some of our fantastic neighbours at Redbank North Richmond.

Redbank North Richmond
Meet Your Local

“Meet Your Local” is a video series where we introduce you to some of our hard-working locals from the Hawkesbury area.

Redbank North Richmond Landscape Maintenance
Life at Redbank

Click here to watch our fun-filled community events in Redbank. Get a taste of what life at Redbank is like.

Long Term Prosperity in Redbank North Richmond

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Redbank North Richmond- Mother's Day 2020

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Market Conditions during COVID-19


Meet the Neighbours: Episode 4 - The Austens

Redbank Summer Aqua Party 2020

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Christmas Wishes from the Redbank Team 2019

Christmas at Redbank 2019

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Did you know? Redbank North Richmond

Redbank Winter BBQ Night 2019

Hawkesbury Aboriginal Reconciliation Golf Day 2019

Redbank loyalty program

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Redbank Mothers Day 2019

Redbank - Hawkesbury Show 2019

Redbank Fitness Club

Redbank Golf Day 5th April 2019

Redbank Communities - Neighbour Day 2019

Redbank - Yeomans Meet your Neighbours Day 2019

Redbank - The Gallery Meet your Neighbours Day

Redbank Summer Aqua Party: 16 February 2019

Redbank North Richmond: January 2019

Redbank Communities - Landscape Maintenance Team

Light Up Redbank - 2018

Light Up Redbank

Christmas At Redbank 2018

River Crossing Between Richmond & North Richmond

Redbank North Richmond- Belmont Time Lapse By JK Williams

Redbank Go Cart Race Day 2018

Redbank North Richmond: The Hawkesbury Show 2018

Redbank North Richmond: Dragon Boat Race Day 2018

Redbank North Richmond: Grose River Bridge Animation

Redbank Variety House - Open Day

Redbank With The Variety Childrens Charity

Redbank - Did you know?

REDBANK Yeomans Sale Day

The Hawkesbury Collectors Plant Fair

REDBANK Stage 1 2 : The Gallery Release

REDBANK Sales Update August 2016

Redbank North Richmond: The Hawkesbury Show 2017

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The Gallery @ Redbank

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